Thursday, January 21, 2010


We live about 5 miles from Philadelphia airport.  The BIG Philly airport.  There are a couple of smaller airports around town.  You would think that we couldn’t hear each other talking in the living room, but the take off and landing paths don’t go over our house.  The jets land coming down the Delaware River and take off over Delaware Bay.  The little planes, turboprops and business jets take off over Sharon Hill.  So we don’t hear much airport noise at all.  There is a plan on the part of the airport to change the take off lane so that it will go over the richer neighborhoods but we here in Sharon Hill just smile as the wealthier folks complain.  We don’t hear much noise.

Except on cloudy nights.  As we walked the dog tonight you could hear every jet take off and land.  I think the sound must bounce off the clouds.  It isn’t too loud.  But it is interesting.

I know, this wasn’t theological, ethical or political .  Just an observation on God’s world and the noises humans make.

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