Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So last week my nuclear stress test was canceled because of an inch of snow.  This week we expect somewhere between 8 - 14 inches here in Philly with sleet and blizzard conditions on Wednesday.  I have a small suspicion that my stress test will be canceled again.  I hope I live long enough to have a stress test.  Maybe in July?

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Well, we are canceling worship for the second time this winter.  Part of the reason is that most of the congregation is over 75 and most of the rest are African Immigrants with little experience with snow.  The rest is that we have 28+ inches on the ground and no hope of snow and ice melting on the streets.  We already had a few 1 inch dustings but we had another 20 inch snow a few weeks ago.  And we are expecting more on Tuesday and Wednesday.  If we get 8 more inches before the end of the winter there will be an all time record.

Philly just doesn't have the equipment and the drivers don't have the skill to deal with a lot of snow.  It isn't llike upstate NY where a couple of feet of snow are no big deal.  So I think I'm saving the sermon and Sunday School lessons for the 14th.  

It will be nice to sleep in on a Sunday.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


In the past week two different issues have come up about President Obama and his administration:

He made a remark about saving money for college instead of going to Vegas.

His Head of Staff responded to what he thought was a stupid comment by some congressional Democrats saying "That is F_____g retarded."

The press, politicians in and from Nevada, Sarah Palin and Tim Shriver (CEO of the Speical Olympics have jumped all over these comments.

My response to the president's comment about saving money for college instead of going to Vegas is, "Well, Duh!"  Of course samving money so your children can go to college is more important than any vacation, including and especially going to Vegas.  Vegas is not my idea of a great place to go for a family vacation.  A trip to a national park where the kids can breathe fresh air and see the wonders of creation is a much better choice.  My further remark is that anyone who does a little math can see that gambling is a good way to lose money.  And the little stickers in the bathrooms in casinos that you need a magnifying glass to read that tells you what to do if you have a gambling addiction are ridiculous.  That's like putting a tiny sticker in a liquor store that tells an alcoholic how to get a hold of AA.

As to Rahm Emanuel's remark I would have preferred that he had said that it was stupid instead of retarded (and that he had left out the F____g but those of us who think swearing is wrong are a shrinking group).  But the fact that someone leaked a remark from a private meeting and Sarah Palin in particular is getting all politically correct (Sarah Palin politically correct?) is more than a bit over the top. 

I know this is terribly idealistic of me but could we please get back to real business and real news?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Want to limit your use of petroleum in the middle of a cold winter? Try the latest ecologically friendly method. Turn your heat down to 62 degrees and wear a sweater!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Yep, I stuck to the cardiac diet (or at least I thought I did) and my cholesterol levels went up.  Dramatically.  The Doc says I have tachycardia.  So Wednesday I have a nuclear stress test.  And if I pass it I go on cholesterol drugs.  If I fail I think it’s back to the hospital for another cardiac cath and maybe a stent or two. 
So today I’m upset.  I skipped beef for nine months for this?  I WANT A STEAK! 
Tomorrow I’ll be happy that I live in a time of cholesterol drugs and stents.  Life could be much worse. 
I covet your prayers.