Sunday, February 7, 2010


Well, we are canceling worship for the second time this winter.  Part of the reason is that most of the congregation is over 75 and most of the rest are African Immigrants with little experience with snow.  The rest is that we have 28+ inches on the ground and no hope of snow and ice melting on the streets.  We already had a few 1 inch dustings but we had another 20 inch snow a few weeks ago.  And we are expecting more on Tuesday and Wednesday.  If we get 8 more inches before the end of the winter there will be an all time record.

Philly just doesn't have the equipment and the drivers don't have the skill to deal with a lot of snow.  It isn't llike upstate NY where a couple of feet of snow are no big deal.  So I think I'm saving the sermon and Sunday School lessons for the 14th.  

It will be nice to sleep in on a Sunday.

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