Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I want to go back to Israel! And I want to take a trip and spend it all with Palestinians. That confuses the heck out of people I know. Why do I have to chose sides? I want the best for everyone who lives between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean.


Kattie W. Coon said...

If you could convince your blogging friends Viola Larson and John Shuck to go with you, for at least a month, that would be a trip.

Pastor Bob said...

Watching mutual homicide in not on my list of fun things to do. Although maybe if you put them both at the Church of the Holy Seplucher or the Western wall there might be interesting reactions. Those two places can do weird things to people.

Of course at the Western Wall they couldn't actually stand next to each other . . .

What would be really interesting with them or by myself would be to take a Palestinian tour that dealt with political and social issues and then an Israeli tour that did the same thing.

Kattie W. Coon said...

Mutual homicide?

Doesn't seem to me that you discern much Christian love in either of their hearts.

I actually give them higher marks than that.

So if you think the tour idea is a really interesting one, why don't you try to make it happen?

Pastor Bob said...

Kattie the mutual homicide was actually a joke. As to a joint trip to Israel/Palestine . . . hmmm . . . one or two weeks with an Israeli tour including sights and politics and then a week or two with a Palestinian tour with the same? With pastors who disagree on the issues of Israel/Palestine? And a few American rabbis and Palestinian American Christians and Muslims? Sounds like fun.

I'll have to say something to the Philly Presby Peacemaking Committee.

Kattie W. Coon said...

Make it two weeks on both tours, and convince the aforementioned blogger friends, along with the others you mentioned, and I'll go with you.

John Shuck said...

Just saw this! I would love to go, Bob. And I would like to meet you, Kattie.

(Personally, I think if Viola got to know me, she'd like me). : )

Pastor Bob said...

Viola certainly can't do anything like this for a while. Her husband came home Saturday after bypass surgery.

My biggest concern is that both sides would refuse to talk with us because we talked with the other side. Particularly if we talked with extremists. Radical "settlers" and Hamas for example.

Why don't people understand that it is fully possible to listen to someone and then tell them you think they are wrong? John, we do it all the time!

But we live in America. While we may hate what people say and do that are legal our legal system says they can say or do it. One can burn Korans. A stupid and dangerous idea I think but it has gotten this guy his 15 minutes of fame. And it is his right to do so. Also while building an Islamic civic center and mosque close to Ground Zero has upset a lot of people it is completely legal, even if the money does come from Saudi Arabia.

Alas some here in America deal with the free speech of those they disagree with by shouting so loud etc. that their opponents cannot be heard. A danger to all of us, I think.

In a lot of the rest of the world nations do not grant such rights and/or the extremists refuse allow others to speak their minds and kill them or throw rocks at them instead. The rocks reference, by the way is to ultra conservative Haredis who throw rocks at women in short sleeves who may happen to wander into their neighborhoods in Jerusalem. Or people driving cars on the Sabbath. (Which raises a question I will have to ask a Talmudic scholar. Is it lawful to throw stones at Sabbath breakers on the Sabbath? And what if the Sabbath breaker turns out to be a Gentile?)

Anyway, would love to take a mixed group to hear all sides. But I suspect my wife will take the checkbook and my credit cards away so I can't go.

Kattie W. Coon said...


Even if this trip doesn't happen, there's a good possibility we will eventually meet. I've considered stopping in on your Sunday Service a few times in the past, but schedules have always gotten in the way. We come up to Jonesborough for the Storytelling Festival almost every year, and I know you aren't very far away. We won't be coming up for that this year though since there's an all important Baseball series being played in Atlanta that weekend that we'll be attending. I told loving, but misguided, spouse I would go to a Braves game only if they were playing the Phillies.

I don't think we have to go right away. Scheduling for the very near term would be problematic for me.

Pastor Bob said...


Do you ever come home to Delaware County? I would love to meet you too!

Kattie W. Coon said...

I wouldn't want to leave you out. I do get up that way once every few years to visit family. Truth be told, I have also considered coming to your services too. I'm interested in checking out the multi-cultural environment. You seem like a swell guy too. It could happen sooner if you pull that trip together. :-)