Saturday, May 29, 2010


I am currently at the Presbyterian Multicultural Church Conference.  I am here for a reason.  Over the past two years my congregation (at least at worship) has become 50% African American or African.  I need help with this great joy I have.  I am also busy with this great joy I have.

So, and this is going to upset my friends, arguments about sexuality are no longer on the front burner, the back burner or anywhere in the kitchen.  Helping to form (and hoping to be guided by the Holy Spirit in doing so) one Christian community out of five different cultures (three of them are African) is my primary focus.  It has to be.  If God is calling me, and I believe God is, to do something until I retire or die it is to help these five cultures to take joy in the gifts of each other.  This I am discovering is a major task.

I will probably still talk about Israel and Palestine.  But I do not have time, (or frankly interest) to continue to debate about homosexuality. 

My sisters and brothers at Tully Memorial deserve as much of my time as I can give. 

I am sorry to disappoint my friends and, maybe, some who have disagreed with me.  But in worship as we come together I see the Kingdom of God forming before my eyes.  A gift from God I simply cannot reject. 


Viola Larson said...

What a wonderful blessing for you, Bob. One of my daughters also goes to a multicultural church that just happened. It was of course planned by God.

Alan said...

You mean you can go ahead and be the church without butting into everyone else's business? :)

That's precisely what I've been advising for the whole denomination for years. I think it is a real blessing to see how much you can accomplish with your congregation when you're not distracted by meddling in other people's lives, but instead spend your time caring for each other.