Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Far Out, Totally Unacceptable Solution to the Israel/Palestine Conflict

I am convinced that a political solution to the issues between Israel and Palestine is impossible at this point.  So I have a few of totally off the wall suggestions that won't solve everything but might solve something:

1. Name all of Israel/Palestine an Archeological/Religious Area

2. Set a group of religious leaders (equal votes from each religion and equal votes from within each religion for their sites) with the power to decide how to produce peace in relation to and open use of religious sites.

3. Have laws that require equal respect for all religious professionals (rabbis, priests, monks and imams).

3. Admitting that all of Israel/Palestine is an area of archeological for all groups who live in Israel/Palestine today (and groups who built and lived in what is now Israel/Palestine in the past) appoint groups of archeologist with equal votes for all people who currently live in Israel/Palestine as to what sites will be explored.  (This of course will be affected by money given to explore certain sites.)  Care must be taken to make sure that the various sites (from the Ottoman days back to prehistoric era) are all explored.  And all will admit that the other was in the area at one point or another in the past.

I know, terribly idealistic and won't solve any of the political problems but it might solve some current problems in areas that interest me!


Anonymous said...
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Jodie said...

I'd build a wall around old Jerusalem and kick everybody out. Declare the place off limits to all. The Temple Mount especially.

Pastor Bob said...

Nice idea Jodie. I suspect that your suggestion would cause more problems than it would solve. Then again so would all my suggestions!

joven said...
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