Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Voice Actuated Remotes?

I will freely admit that I am one who loves new techno gadgets. I've used a computer since the late 80s and feel lust in my heart when faster computers come available. Not that my current computer isn't fast enough. I just long for the faster.

And I use a fancy cell phone. It not only makes and receives phone calls it also tells me when I am supposed to do something, holds a long list of people, their addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. I could use it to go on the internet but I admit I am too cheap to do so. I also have music and books stored in the thing as well as a copy of Quicken.

But I have limits. The picture here is one of them.. It is a voice actuated remote for use with televisions, dvd players, sound systems, etc. Instead of pressing buttons on the remote you can tell it what you want it to do. You can name the channel you wish to see, turn your various techno items off and on, etc.

I am not quite this lazy. I am willing to pick up a remote and push the buttons. Besides I think this remote will be a source of much conflict within families. You see it can be programmed to recognize 4 different voices. Right now the one who holds the remote is ruler of the television. Image if people started shouting out what they wanted to see but disagreed. Dad wants to watch The Office. Mom wants to see the football game. Son wants to watch MTV. Daughter wants to see 60 minutes. And they all tell the poor remote to change to the channel they want.

Anyway, I refuse to get this thing. You of course may do so at your peril. And no, I am not going to tell you where I found this item online.

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