Sunday, October 11, 2009


I was going to write a bit on civil rights and I will but first I had a very curious experience on my way into my own blog.

I've kept up to date all the Norton Internet Security stuff so imagine my surprise when I visited my own blog and was told that it is blocked by Symantec and has been submitted for consideration! Now this is the first piece I've written for a while so I haven't been here recently. But is my blog being used for nefarious purposes?

I'll have to wait and see what Symantec has to say.


I was watching the news tonight and saw stories about the big demonstrations in Washington about civil rights for homosexuals and President Obama's promises to a group of homosexual rights leaders last night. So I got to thinking . . .

The president basically seems to be saying that the economy and health care come before civil rights. I know he didn't say that directly but that seems to be the message. So I have a question. Put aside all disagreements about morality, legality and homosexuality. Let us all agree for the sake of argument that this is a case of civil rights being denied. Do the economy and healthcare come first or do civil rights?

It seems to me that, aside from cases of national emergency (like a civil war or fatal pandemic) that civil rights come first. If H1N1 becomes a real killer I think civil rights like the right of assembly can and should be curtailed if necessary. The right to life comes before the pursuit of happiness or even liberty in my book. No life means no liberty. But if life and severe illness or other national emergency are not in question, if the economy is in the tank - as it is or may be and certainly is for those without jobs - that should not curtail civil rights for anyone.

So if the president is correct, that homosexuals in the military and homosexual marriage are matters of civil rights, then shouldn't the president and congress deal with those first?

Forget whether you agree with the president (or me) for the moment. What is more important: civil rights or the economy? Civil rights or health care?

Pastor Bob

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Aric Clark said...

Civil rights, no question.

Though one could make a fairly good argument that Healthcare is similar in that it is also a fundamental justice issue. Perhaps, as you prioritized "life" above "liberty" one could argue that healthcare is about the right to life, whereas ending DOMA and DODT are liberty issues.

Regardless you are correct that if one is convicted that a given issue is a matter of "rights" and another is not - then the rights take precedent.